Meet a girl just trying to survive college as a vegetarian triathlete

Meet Courtney

I am an 18 year old freshman student at James Madison.  
I am a Kinesiology Major with a concentration in Physical
Health Education Teacher Education and a minor in Coaching

I am not only a student at JMU, but I am also an extremely 
active member of the triathlon club. I am an experienced 
runner and swimmer but quickly gaining experience on the 
bike. I have a passion for living a healthy lifestyle 
by combining triathlon training and wholesome 
vegetarian nutrition. 

Short term goals:
1. Participate in a variety of activities at school to gain 
2. Become more involved in my community at home and at school.
3. To fully and completely enjoy my college experience by 
maintaining a balance of school work, healthy living, 
and a social life.

Long term goal:
I know changing everyone's lifestyle is impossible. However,
I believe being healthy is not a part of life, it is a choice 
made that lasts a lifetime: it becomes a lifestyle.
Healthy habits contribute to this healthy lifestyle and these
habits can be learned at a young age. I want to make P.E. an 
enjoyable time for all students. I want every child I work
with to be both happy and healthy.

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