Meet a girl just trying to survive college as a vegetarian triathlete

Last Thursday

Today is the last Thursday of classes of my freshman year in college! How exciting! Luckily, my chemistry lab was cancelled but I still had to turn in my lab report. I am officially done with chemistry lab (no final! score!!). I am also done with going to my chemistry lecture and business class. My business final opens online at 5 today and closes tomorrow at 10pm! Wish me luck! I also had a horrible night sleep last night! Ugh. I could not fall asleep and tossed and turned all night… certainly because my room as excruciatingly hot! So I took a Melatonin and then…. it started storming and woke me up! I was totally bummed that the thunder was so loud, but I really can’t complain since so many people suffered horribly yesterday because of the storms.

I really want to go ride my bike today, but I am worried about the weather. We didn’t have it too bad in VA, but it looked pretty bad in Tennessee and Alabama. Its pretty scary to think that I was in Alabama only 19 days ago for Triathlon Nationals. I am so grateful the weather was good when we were there. Thank goodness the woman’s house we stayed at was okay. My heart goes out to everyone who was involved.

I had a lovely run yesterday with one of my good friends. He was a little sick because he ate a ton of food like 45 minutes before the run, he obviously wasn’t thinking. We only did about 45 minutes then walked the rest of the way back. Not really feelin’ it yesterday. My post run snack was awesome! As weird as it sounds… I took one of my leftover Easter eggs and took out the yolk (it had the green ring, yucky!) and replaced the yolk with peanut butter! You HAVE to try eggs and peanut butter. It is so tasty! I went to dinner with some friends I hadn’t spent time with in awhile and had my typical salad with a ton of veggies, hummus and cottage cheese. Mongolian grill was also being offered so I had steamed tofu and veggies with terriyaki and rice. Then… I saw my favorite food offered at the dining hall… rice with coconut sauce! So obviously, I had to get a plate of that and disregard my mongolian grill terriyaki and rice because coconut sauce and rice is SO MUCH BETTER!

I used my own advice today when I was swimming this morning. I actually stopped my swim workout early this morning, I could have continued to push on but my triceps were killin! I went with a bunch of my friends that swam this morning. I may have 2 bowls of oatmeal this morning, the first one was cranberry, walnut, cinnamon, and vanilla soy milk. Then I had my dessert oatmeal– it was perfect in every way… CHOCOLATE CHIPS IN OATMEAL! OH MY GOODNESS– it was so amazing. Semi-sweet, of course, because I am definitely a darker chocolate kinda girl :). My good friend Lindsay came up with this creation and it was so amazing because the chocolate melted all over the oatmeal and hit the spot! Fruit was also included in breakfast which included pineapple, canteloupe, honey dew, and applesauce! So yummy! A “venti unsweetened iced coffee with a splash of soy milk” from Starbucks followed! It has been a great morning so far!

How bad were storms in your area? 


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