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Breakfast Tuesday

Today is Tuesday. Tuesday is breakfast Tuesday, my favorite day of the week  school week/work week. So what is so great about breakfast Tuesday?

Breakfast Tuesday starts bright and early at 6:00, except I may have hit my snooze once this morning but I will neither confirm nor deny that… I then make my way over to the pool and hop in at about 6:40. The swim usually concludes around 8 and it is time to head to breakfast with the other triathlon kiddos that swim! Breakfast on Tuesday consists of: oatmeal (nice and thick…the way I like it!!) with craisins and walnuts (yes our dining hall does have walnuts!), fruit (melons, oranges, pineapple, grapes), and usually a hardboiled egg… but today I ventured out and tried the scrambled eggs. THEY WERE DELICIOUS! Oh my gosh, totally hit the spot. Then it was off to the library (aka STARBUCKS… venti unsweetened iced coffee with a splash of soy milk) to study.

After my class at 11, I went on a bike ride with 2 of my friends. It was so gorgeous. It was pretty hot but a little bit windy. After the bike trip, we went to the mall and Target. I was introduced to Cocoa Roast Almonds– very delicious and a new addiction. Dinner included a lovely salad with lots of veggies, cottage cheese and hummus. I also had brown rice, kidney beans, balsamic marinated portobello mushrooms, and marinara sauce! So yummy!

Time for me to go to bed. Goodnight friends!


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