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Happy Easter

Good morning all! I hope you are having a lovely Easter weekend and Easter Sunday. I sure have.

Being at home this weekend has called for some serious R&R. I need to recharge both mentally and physically to get ready for my race this weekend and finals the following week! On Friday night, my sisters, mom, and myself decided to watch Black Swan. What a strange movie! It was good, don’t get me wrong but it was quite an interesting movie. I went to sleep around 10:45 (I am SUCH a party animal…someone please calm me down!) and slept until 10:22!!! THATS ALMOST 12 HOURS!!!!!! I sure needed that. I had really good intentions to run yesterday morning, but I just couldn’t make myself do it.Therefore, the day included half a honey whole wheat bagel with pb and the messy side of an everything bagel with butter and a soft boiled egg… mom was making hardboiled eggs to dye. The remainder of the day included some Easter bunny, grocery, and RUNNING SHOES shopping.  I got a pair of Brooks Ghost shoes. They are awesome. When I got home, I cut up the pineapple I bought at the grocery store and began making my homemade granola. I don’t really have a recipe but it roughly includes:

3ish cups of old fashioned oats

2ish? cup of chopped walnuts, pecans, cashews, sunflower seeds, almonds

1/2 cup of honey and maple syrup mixed…this is up to you depending on your taste. do you prefer to taste syrup or honey?

2ish tsp cinnamon

3/4 cup dried cherries, craisins, raisins

half handful of mini semisweet choc chips

Set over to 325. Mix oats, nuts, honey/maple syrup mix, and cinnamon. Make sure all oats are coated and put on baking sheet (I use the Pampered Chef stone that has the edges). Cook for about 28 minutes stirring every 7. This is CRUCIAL. The first time I made this granola I forgot to stir so the edges got burnt 😦 Let the oat mixture cool and put in bowl. Add dried fruit and chocolate chips. Stir. AND EAT!

I had to be careful not to eat too much because my mom was making sushi for dinner! My favorite roll is crab, avocado, spicy sauce, and cornflakes! MMM! I’m gonna take some back to school with me.

We went to church at 7:30 for Easter Vigil, and I am telling you, Mass hadn’t even started and I was starving! Mom said I could go home to get a snack, but I definitely would have felt guilty so I sucked it up and told myself I would enjoy a lovely bowl of cereal, yogurt and soy milk when I got home…which I did! I was supposed to help the Easter Bunny stuff eggs and hide them, but unfortunately I fell asleep on the couch at midnight watching Chopped (<3 foodnetwork). Next thing I know, my mom is waking me up to get me to go to bed. Oops. I stopped by the candy bowl and grabbed some jelly beans before heading up to bed.


I woke up this morning to my alarm going off at 6:15. I hate forgetting to turn off my alarm. I couldn’t figure out how to get that bad boy to shut up so I just kept hitting buttons so it kept going off every 5 minutes! SO annoying! My little brother finally came in to wake us up (I slept with my mommy last night 🙂 I swear I really am 18!) I decided to go on a quick run with my little sister. It was fun because I would take off at my own speed and get my heart rate up, then fall back to grab her and my heart rate would fall, so it was actually a good workout. I also gave her some running tips (she isn’t much of a runner, but dang, she’s got a beautiful stride and looks so natural. I guess thats what its like when you are 5’8″. She lands perfectly on her forefoot.) We got home and it was time to collect eggs and look for our baskets. GUESS WHAT I GOT?! A HEART RATE MONITOR! And a chocolate Dove Bunny! Yum! I’m actually wearing it right now. YES! I am really excited to start working out with this bad boy.

I also made some egg salad for my little sister with our dyed Easter eggs. Doesn’t everyone love egg salad? I didn’t put many egg yolks in because we totally forgot we were boiling the eggs so some of the eggs have a green ring around them. So it actually is pretty low fat and healthy! I put tons of mustard and pepper with some mayo! I thought it tasted pretty yummy. We aren’t allowed to eat this morning because we are going to an expensive Easter Brunch at 11:30. Too bad I have already eaten a hardboiled egg, half a banana, and 5 Robins Eggs.. SHH! don’t tell on me! Robins Eggs are my candy weakness. And Cadbury creme eggs! YUM!

I am off to shower, friends. Wish me luck at this brunch buffet I am going to. I may come back about 20 pounds heavier 😛

What is your candy weakness? Do you have a favorite Easter Candy? What is your favorite brand of chocolate? What is your brunch buffet favorite? Favorite FoodNetwork show?


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