Meet a girl just trying to survive college as a vegetarian triathlete


Easter brunch=food coma.

I always plan on doing a really good job of not stuffing myself… but I did it today. And I’m actually a little bummed because the food wasn’t that great. But whatever! I hardly ever indulge so it felt good. Unfortunately, the food wasn’t very warm. And there was no fruit on display, but since my mom always pulls the “she’s a vegetarian card” the wait staff will usually bring me extra vegetables and fruit, so I got a nice little plate of melon, pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries (best blackberries I have had in a LONG time).

So what was good…?

Omelette–> onions, green pep, ‘shrooms, extra spinach :), tomatoes. Yummy.

Roll–> crunchy outside, soft inside, oh and it was multigrain so it was topped with oatmeal. Always a winner in my book!

Half a waffle–> warm maple syrup and whipped cream. Mom and I split this bad boy.

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!–> okay, so Courtney really isn’t a huge cookie girl. I like cookies when they are soft and chewy out of the oven best, but usually they aren’t my melt over dessert because that is for chocolate cake or tiramisu. But OH MY GOODNESS! The cookies were delicious, the outside was a little crunchy and a soft inside, and the best part, the chocolate chips were still gooey! mmm, mmm, MMM! Its funny because none of the other food was the right temp.

Everything else isn’t really worth commenting on. I had a bite of everything here and there. But I defintiely had a food coma after brunch this morning, although my belly is already beginning to rumble a bit. I love being a triathlete, I eat whatever, whenever!


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