Meet a girl just trying to survive college as a vegetarian triathlete

back in it!

Its been such a long time since I posted. I want to get back into a little bit of blogging. I think it would help my potential triathlon career as a way to keep track of workouts. I am so bad at doing this. I can include links to my garmin webpage. I won’t make this very public, but I will have it available. Off to do some hill repeats on the bike. LEGGO.

Also, I am no longer vegetarian:) yay chicken and turkey~


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…is eating my life. No time to post anything interesting or fun today. Gotta study. I will be back. 2 more days.

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A love for…


Cinnamon. I LOVE cinnamon. I have found so many uses for cinnamon while being at school. Everyone knows it tastes great on oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and applesauce, but I have found some awesome uses for cinnamon. I put cinnamon on fruit (grapes, pineapple, melons, apples, etc.), bagels, and yogurt. But I also very much enjoy cinnamon in my cereal. I really like warm cinnamon Kashi Heart to Heart, but a horrible thing happened yesterday… I ran out of Heart to Heart! And with only a few days left of the year, I figured it would be a waste to go get anymore. I would just sprinkle cinnamon atop my cereal and it would be fine.

***We will get back to this in a moment, but it is now time to discuss lunch and the rest of my day. I promise it will all make sense in a bit***

So yesterday, I finished my final, went to Starbucks, came back to my room and packed. Oh my gosh its close to empty! This makes me a very sad girl. I am not ready to go home, I am going to miss JMU so much. It was then time for lunch, so since I had a jar of empty peanut butter, I decided it would be perfect to go ahead and try Courtney’s Oats in a Jar. It was awesome. I added a little bit of my love (see above) and an extra spoonful of peanut butter for good measure. It was delicious.

It was then time to study some more chem and then go for a run! It was a great run, I am not sure how fast/far we went, but it definitely felt great. I headed straight to dinner after the run and enjoyed a beautiful salad with the usual and some tofu and brown rice. I also had a bit of fruit. My stomach wasn’t feeling so great after the run so I decided it would be best to have a small dinner and a good snack before bed. But, it was not time for bed just yet… my friend and I took a hike over to walmart where I made this discovery…

**This is where we pick back up with cinnamon. Holy cow. This stuff is great! Shot out to Kellogg’s….what a great idea!** I mixed up some plain greek yogurt, half a banana, cinnamon CornFlakes, and frozen blueberries with a splash of soy milk! YUMMO! It was awesome….I may have had two bowls 😀

(I’m still working on the pictures…I just found my camera!)

I had a great sleep, woke up nice and early this morning for a lovely 75 minute swim. You know I came back to the room and had a delicious bowl of cereal with the rest of my plain cornflakes, pb puffins, kashi go lean and go lean crunch, homemade granola, honey bunches of oats (honey roasted), oatbran, and some frozen blueberries with vanilla soy milk!

Oh… and and apple on the side!

Off to go study!

Seriously, try the cinnamon cornflakes… you won’t be sorry!

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No worries.

I am still alive! Such a busy weekend!

Workout Recap:

Friday- Swim and bike ride with the friends. A new girl came along so we took it pretty easy… its so exciting to see someone use clipins for the first time and succeed!

Saturday- 6 mile run… nice and easy since we had a race Sunday. I took him on some new routes since he only knows 2 loops in Harrisonburg! That would be so boring

Sunday- Angles race in Lynchburg! It was totally fun. I didn’t have a fantastic race, but I definitely PR’d which is all I can ask for. I slipped in the transition are and it took me a little while to get my head back in the game. My legs were pretty dead since it was a hilly bike course too! I am not a huge fan of the shorter distance races (sprint tris) since I don’t really get into the swim until 300 m down, 7 miles into the bike, and 2 miles into the run! But it was definitely a fun race and a great weekend.

Other fun things this weekend:

Watched Snakes on a Plane, half of Super Troopers, and Paranormal Activity! All three were wonderful .

I also found a really delicious thing… its called ROLD GOLD CINNAMON RAISIN PRETZEL TWISTS! Holy cow, they are absolutely delicious. I seriously recommend trying some! And it would also benefit you to dip them in PB!

Alright, time for me to stop procrastinating. Have a great Monday. 2 finals down, 2 to go!

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Last Thursday

Today is the last Thursday of classes of my freshman year in college! How exciting! Luckily, my chemistry lab was cancelled but I still had to turn in my lab report. I am officially done with chemistry lab (no final! score!!). I am also done with going to my chemistry lecture and business class. My business final opens online at 5 today and closes tomorrow at 10pm! Wish me luck! I also had a horrible night sleep last night! Ugh. I could not fall asleep and tossed and turned all night… certainly because my room as excruciatingly hot! So I took a Melatonin and then…. it started storming and woke me up! I was totally bummed that the thunder was so loud, but I really can’t complain since so many people suffered horribly yesterday because of the storms.

I really want to go ride my bike today, but I am worried about the weather. We didn’t have it too bad in VA, but it looked pretty bad in Tennessee and Alabama. Its pretty scary to think that I was in Alabama only 19 days ago for Triathlon Nationals. I am so grateful the weather was good when we were there. Thank goodness the woman’s house we stayed at was okay. My heart goes out to everyone who was involved.

I had a lovely run yesterday with one of my good friends. He was a little sick because he ate a ton of food like 45 minutes before the run, he obviously wasn’t thinking. We only did about 45 minutes then walked the rest of the way back. Not really feelin’ it yesterday. My post run snack was awesome! As weird as it sounds… I took one of my leftover Easter eggs and took out the yolk (it had the green ring, yucky!) and replaced the yolk with peanut butter! You HAVE to try eggs and peanut butter. It is so tasty! I went to dinner with some friends I hadn’t spent time with in awhile and had my typical salad with a ton of veggies, hummus and cottage cheese. Mongolian grill was also being offered so I had steamed tofu and veggies with terriyaki and rice. Then… I saw my favorite food offered at the dining hall… rice with coconut sauce! So obviously, I had to get a plate of that and disregard my mongolian grill terriyaki and rice because coconut sauce and rice is SO MUCH BETTER!

I used my own advice today when I was swimming this morning. I actually stopped my swim workout early this morning, I could have continued to push on but my triceps were killin! I went with a bunch of my friends that swam this morning. I may have 2 bowls of oatmeal this morning, the first one was cranberry, walnut, cinnamon, and vanilla soy milk. Then I had my dessert oatmeal– it was perfect in every way… CHOCOLATE CHIPS IN OATMEAL! OH MY GOODNESS– it was so amazing. Semi-sweet, of course, because I am definitely a darker chocolate kinda girl :). My good friend Lindsay came up with this creation and it was so amazing because the chocolate melted all over the oatmeal and hit the spot! Fruit was also included in breakfast which included pineapple, canteloupe, honey dew, and applesauce! So yummy! A “venti unsweetened iced coffee with a splash of soy milk” from Starbucks followed! It has been a great morning so far!

How bad were storms in your area? 

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I don’t know why but I am in a rather chipper mood this morning. I woke up with the usual swim workout and am currently enjoying a lovely bowl of cereal, however, my lovely bowl of warm cinnamon kashi heart to heart, PB puffins, cornflakes, kashi go lean, kashi go lean crunch, apple cinnamon  granola, homemade granola, blueberries, bananas, flax seed, and vanilla soy milk is almost gone. I really enjoy eating cereal at this point because it has gotten kinda soggy… yum!

Now today, I have so many things I want to post about, but for now I want to bounce off of Courtney’s  blog at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life. She discussed how she had eliminated oatmeal from her diet due to allergies but was able to reintroduce it. I almost feel like an expert in the area of eliminating a food and then reintroducing it.

When I was diagnosed with my allergies, I was forced to stop eating beef, pork, milk, and wheat, but since I was still getting sick, I also stopped eating poultry including eggs. I love eggs: scrambled, poached, boiled, etc. I honestly didn’t mind not eating meat though. I mean steak was good, but I was not devastated that I couldn’t eat it. But wheat and eggs were a serious challenge for me. It was so hard. You all know how much I love cereal and trying to find new cereals that were as good as my regular cereals was so difficult. I also really, really missed bagels. I remember how excited I was when I was able to eat a Triscuit with NO pain. I was still very careful with the amount of wheat I ate, but I remember how amazing that first taste of bagel was.

Toward the end of last summer, about 6 months after I was diagnosed with my allergies, I wanted to try eggs. I was sick of having to eat protein shakes to keep my weight up and I knew that eggs were an amazing source of protein and would make me stronger. At first, I only had an egg white. I waited about 2 days and with no pain, I tried half of a scrambled egg and again no pain. I just remember that first taste of scrambled egg. It was the most amazing taste in the entire world. I ate scrambled eggs like it was my job previously. Seriously, I had 2ish scrambled eggs for breakfast at least 3 days a week. I can’t wait to start making scrambled eggs this summer.

I think that eliminating any food from your diet is not a good idea. I have found that when I eliminate a food, I just crave it even more. For instance, one of my friends gave up chocolate for Lent. She craved chocolate SO bad by the end of Lent that it just took over her life. There is no point in depriving yourself of anything (food) or making yourself do something (exercise). Sometimes it seems like its the only option we have when trying to maintain a healthy life, but depriving yourself or forcing yourself to do something you don’t really want to do is going to come back and haunt you. It may cause cravings and motivation loss. (P.S. when I say “you”, I don’t actually mean you.) I just wanted to throw out some food for thought. I have found myself saying, “Oh, I really shouldn’t eat that,” or “I really need to exercise today,” even though I am hungry or tired. But it is so important to remember to eat what your body craves and rest when your body needs it (to an extent). So remember that when you find yourself struggling with your goals, and remember that you always have support! 🙂

Off to class my friends!

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Breakfast Tuesday

Today is Tuesday. Tuesday is breakfast Tuesday, my favorite day of the week  school week/work week. So what is so great about breakfast Tuesday?

Breakfast Tuesday starts bright and early at 6:00, except I may have hit my snooze once this morning but I will neither confirm nor deny that… I then make my way over to the pool and hop in at about 6:40. The swim usually concludes around 8 and it is time to head to breakfast with the other triathlon kiddos that swim! Breakfast on Tuesday consists of: oatmeal (nice and thick…the way I like it!!) with craisins and walnuts (yes our dining hall does have walnuts!), fruit (melons, oranges, pineapple, grapes), and usually a hardboiled egg… but today I ventured out and tried the scrambled eggs. THEY WERE DELICIOUS! Oh my gosh, totally hit the spot. Then it was off to the library (aka STARBUCKS… venti unsweetened iced coffee with a splash of soy milk) to study.

After my class at 11, I went on a bike ride with 2 of my friends. It was so gorgeous. It was pretty hot but a little bit windy. After the bike trip, we went to the mall and Target. I was introduced to Cocoa Roast Almonds– very delicious and a new addiction. Dinner included a lovely salad with lots of veggies, cottage cheese and hummus. I also had brown rice, kidney beans, balsamic marinated portobello mushrooms, and marinara sauce! So yummy!

Time for me to go to bed. Goodnight friends!

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Easter brunch=food coma.

I always plan on doing a really good job of not stuffing myself… but I did it today. And I’m actually a little bummed because the food wasn’t that great. But whatever! I hardly ever indulge so it felt good. Unfortunately, the food wasn’t very warm. And there was no fruit on display, but since my mom always pulls the “she’s a vegetarian card” the wait staff will usually bring me extra vegetables and fruit, so I got a nice little plate of melon, pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries (best blackberries I have had in a LONG time).

So what was good…?

Omelette–> onions, green pep, ‘shrooms, extra spinach :), tomatoes. Yummy.

Roll–> crunchy outside, soft inside, oh and it was multigrain so it was topped with oatmeal. Always a winner in my book!

Half a waffle–> warm maple syrup and whipped cream. Mom and I split this bad boy.

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!–> okay, so Courtney really isn’t a huge cookie girl. I like cookies when they are soft and chewy out of the oven best, but usually they aren’t my melt over dessert because that is for chocolate cake or tiramisu. But OH MY GOODNESS! The cookies were delicious, the outside was a little crunchy and a soft inside, and the best part, the chocolate chips were still gooey! mmm, mmm, MMM! Its funny because none of the other food was the right temp.

Everything else isn’t really worth commenting on. I had a bite of everything here and there. But I defintiely had a food coma after brunch this morning, although my belly is already beginning to rumble a bit. I love being a triathlete, I eat whatever, whenever!

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Happy Easter

Good morning all! I hope you are having a lovely Easter weekend and Easter Sunday. I sure have.

Being at home this weekend has called for some serious R&R. I need to recharge both mentally and physically to get ready for my race this weekend and finals the following week! On Friday night, my sisters, mom, and myself decided to watch Black Swan. What a strange movie! It was good, don’t get me wrong but it was quite an interesting movie. I went to sleep around 10:45 (I am SUCH a party animal…someone please calm me down!) and slept until 10:22!!! THATS ALMOST 12 HOURS!!!!!! I sure needed that. I had really good intentions to run yesterday morning, but I just couldn’t make myself do it.Therefore, the day included half a honey whole wheat bagel with pb and the messy side of an everything bagel with butter and a soft boiled egg… mom was making hardboiled eggs to dye. The remainder of the day included some Easter bunny, grocery, and RUNNING SHOES shopping.  I got a pair of Brooks Ghost shoes. They are awesome. When I got home, I cut up the pineapple I bought at the grocery store and began making my homemade granola. I don’t really have a recipe but it roughly includes:

3ish cups of old fashioned oats

2ish? cup of chopped walnuts, pecans, cashews, sunflower seeds, almonds

1/2 cup of honey and maple syrup mixed…this is up to you depending on your taste. do you prefer to taste syrup or honey?

2ish tsp cinnamon

3/4 cup dried cherries, craisins, raisins

half handful of mini semisweet choc chips

Set over to 325. Mix oats, nuts, honey/maple syrup mix, and cinnamon. Make sure all oats are coated and put on baking sheet (I use the Pampered Chef stone that has the edges). Cook for about 28 minutes stirring every 7. This is CRUCIAL. The first time I made this granola I forgot to stir so the edges got burnt 😦 Let the oat mixture cool and put in bowl. Add dried fruit and chocolate chips. Stir. AND EAT!

I had to be careful not to eat too much because my mom was making sushi for dinner! My favorite roll is crab, avocado, spicy sauce, and cornflakes! MMM! I’m gonna take some back to school with me.

We went to church at 7:30 for Easter Vigil, and I am telling you, Mass hadn’t even started and I was starving! Mom said I could go home to get a snack, but I definitely would have felt guilty so I sucked it up and told myself I would enjoy a lovely bowl of cereal, yogurt and soy milk when I got home…which I did! I was supposed to help the Easter Bunny stuff eggs and hide them, but unfortunately I fell asleep on the couch at midnight watching Chopped (<3 foodnetwork). Next thing I know, my mom is waking me up to get me to go to bed. Oops. I stopped by the candy bowl and grabbed some jelly beans before heading up to bed.


I woke up this morning to my alarm going off at 6:15. I hate forgetting to turn off my alarm. I couldn’t figure out how to get that bad boy to shut up so I just kept hitting buttons so it kept going off every 5 minutes! SO annoying! My little brother finally came in to wake us up (I slept with my mommy last night 🙂 I swear I really am 18!) I decided to go on a quick run with my little sister. It was fun because I would take off at my own speed and get my heart rate up, then fall back to grab her and my heart rate would fall, so it was actually a good workout. I also gave her some running tips (she isn’t much of a runner, but dang, she’s got a beautiful stride and looks so natural. I guess thats what its like when you are 5’8″. She lands perfectly on her forefoot.) We got home and it was time to collect eggs and look for our baskets. GUESS WHAT I GOT?! A HEART RATE MONITOR! And a chocolate Dove Bunny! Yum! I’m actually wearing it right now. YES! I am really excited to start working out with this bad boy.

I also made some egg salad for my little sister with our dyed Easter eggs. Doesn’t everyone love egg salad? I didn’t put many egg yolks in because we totally forgot we were boiling the eggs so some of the eggs have a green ring around them. So it actually is pretty low fat and healthy! I put tons of mustard and pepper with some mayo! I thought it tasted pretty yummy. We aren’t allowed to eat this morning because we are going to an expensive Easter Brunch at 11:30. Too bad I have already eaten a hardboiled egg, half a banana, and 5 Robins Eggs.. SHH! don’t tell on me! Robins Eggs are my candy weakness. And Cadbury creme eggs! YUM!

I am off to shower, friends. Wish me luck at this brunch buffet I am going to. I may come back about 20 pounds heavier 😛

What is your candy weakness? Do you have a favorite Easter Candy? What is your favorite brand of chocolate? What is your brunch buffet favorite? Favorite FoodNetwork show?

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Guess who is chillin’ on her couch at home! Yep thats right. I am back home. Its so great to be here and hanging out with the family.

Also, I got my chemistry test back today… I am not doing as poorly as I thought I would be doing. I only have one more week!

I had a chocolate chip peanut crunch Clifbar (MY FAVORITE!) during chemistry and as soon as chemistry was over, I was ready for my  running date with one of my friends/training buddies. We ran about 50 minutes, neither of us timed it though. It was a little chilly but since I wore leggings and long sleeves, I warmed up really fast. The clouds were looking pretty heavy throughout the run, but luckily it didn’t start to drizzle until we were about halfway in. It felt really nice.

Post run, I took an amazingly fast shower and finished packing up to go home. I then enjoyed a lovely Athenos brand plain greek yogurt with Honey Roaster Honey Bunches of Oats. It was delicious. Unfortunately, I was hungry about 30 minutes later and had a 2 hour car ride ahead of me. Luckily I had brought the remainder of my homemade granola (which wasn’t much) to snack on in the car.

As soon as I got home I made scrambled eggs for my brother and myself. Now these weren’t your average everyday scrambled eggs. Why? BECAUSE I MIXED IN AVOCADOS! Avocados are my favorite vegetable and I usually end up eating 2 avocados when I come home on the weekends! Onions, green pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes, and avocado, probably one of the best creations known to man. You know, my favorite thing about scrambled eggs is putting tons of veggies in which reallyadds volume to the eggs. Accompanying the scrambled eggs was some cereal (cheerios, frosted miniwheats, multigrain puffins, french vanilla granola, and blueberries) along with a piece of toast, pineapple and strawberries, and corn. Obviously, today was clean out the fridge day at home.

Off to watch modern family with my family!

Have a good night!

What is your favorite “cleaning out the fridge” meal? What kind is your favorite vegetable to add to scrambled eggs?

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